Flow Control Equipment including

Being an international active company, HYDROTECH has supplied to many satisfied customers with our products and services around the globe. Due to our strong sales network and experienced employees and sub-suppliers, we are expereinced in design, construction and realisation of Penstocks, Sluice Gate Valves, Weirs, Flaps or valves of any kind and are in the position to provide you with the right solution for nearly every installation or problem in your facilities, being it manually (hand) opearated or electrically operated with AUMA actuators.

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HYDROTECH - Innovative solutions for water management
This model including penstocks 4 side seals, with dimension of Width x Height of discharge/ hole/ chanel around 1000 - 1800mm. We called that Medium Size. With special dimension, pls Contact us for more support.
HYDROTECH - Innovative solutions for water management
Sizes from DN 150 to approx. DN 1000, even in rectangular or square shape. The material range includes hot dipped galvanized steel, aluminium alloy, HDPE, stainless steel 304 (1.4301), 316 (1.4571)
HYDROTECH - Innovative solutions for water management
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